Mapping and Access in Analogy-Making: Independent or Interactive? A Simulation Experiment with AMBR

Petrov, A. & Kokinov, B. (1998). Mapping and access in analogy-making: Independent or interactive? A Simulation Experiment with AMBR. In K. Holyoak, D. Gentner, & B. Kokinov (Eds.), Advances in analogy research: Integration of theory and data from the cognitive, computational, and neural sciences (pp. 124-134). Sofia: NBU Press.


This paper contrasts two views about the relationship between the processes of access and mapping in analogy-making. According to the modular view, analog access and mapping are two separate 'phases' that run sequentially and relatively independently. The interactionist view assumes that they are interdependent subprocesses that run in parallel. The paper argues in favor of the second view and presents a simulation experiment demonstrating its advantages. The experiment is performed with the computational model AMBR and illustrates one particular way in which the subprocess of mapping can influence the subprocess of access.
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