Memory and Cognition

Course: PSYCH 312 Instructor: Dr. Alexander Petrov
Call number: 21215 (early afternoon section)
19589 (late afternoon section)
Email: psych312 [at] cogmod [dot] osu [dot] edu
Quarter: Spring 2012 Office: 200B Lazenby Hall
Times: Mon-Wed 12:30-2:18pm (early section)
Mon-Wed 4:00-5:48pm (late section)
Office hours: Mon-Wed 2:30-3:50pm or by appointment
Credits: 4 Office phone: (614) 247-2734
Room: Postle Hall 1180 (PH1180, early section)
Psychology Bldg 014 (PS014, late section)
Prerequisites: Psych 100 and Psych 219 or 220 or 320, or Stat 145 or 245
Course syllabus: syllabus312.pdf
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Course Overview

This course surveys selected topics in modern cognitive psychology with an emphasis on learning and memory. It is intended for undergraduate students with basic knowledge of psychology and statistics (prerequisites Psych 100 and Psych 220 or equivalent). Some questions we will consider are: What is cognitive psychology? What methods do scientists use to study memory and cognition? What behavioral regularities characterize human memory? What kinds of memory are there? Where does memory reside in the brain? How do neurons learn? What are some important theories and models of memory? What are their strengths and weaknesses? How does one evaluate a scientific theory? Can memory research help us study and remember better? Are the testimonies of honest eyewitnesses always reliable? The objective is that by the end of the course the students are familiar with a representative sample of empirical and theoretical results in the study of human learning and memory, understand the evidence behind these findings, and are aware of their educational and legal applications.

This course is a core course in the Cognitive Science minor.

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